Montag, 10. Mai 2010

today is a wonderfull day

Hi !
I am just back from school...and eating now =)
I had 2 hours math today and 1 hour of french.. and now I have a headache :( But this is life ...hmm and yesterday I learned till 8:10 then I started to taking picture ;)
C'EST LA VIE!!!! it was so cool in school in the big break we saw a little boy felt down and he didn't want to stand up than it was a big drama because the teacher cames and taled to him...and you know :)
And my fav teacher cames with her little boy to school.....HE IS SO CUTE***

AND today I'll go to a weeding :D
It's a pakistani weeding...and their would be tasty food hihi *-* because I love food =)

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